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Unity Council Homeownership Center
3301 East 12th Street, Suite 101
Oakland, CA 94601
Phone: 510-535-6943
Fax: 510-532-5983

Workshops are held at the
Fruitvale San Antonio Senior Center
3301 East 12th Street, Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94601
Next to the Fruitvale BART Station

Take BART!

Parking is also available at East 12th Street
between 35th and 37th Avenue.

Below is a list of staff members as well as their contact information.

Homeownership Center

3301 East 12th St, Suite 101
Oakland, CA 94601

(510) 535-6900

(510) 532-5983

Sheri Powers, JD, MA

Homeownership Center Manager

(510) 535-7181

Sandra Gates-Anderson

Compliance Supervisor / Senior Housing Counselor

(510) 535-7177

Nimia Ramos Beauchamp, JD

Housing/Foreclosure Counselor

(510) 535-7150

Tikila McDavid

Loan Processor

(510) 535-6920

Deborah Jackson

Outreach & Marketing Assistant

(510) 535-6954

Margarette Crecy

Housing Counselor

(510) 535-7185

Teresita Magaña Velazquez

Office Manager / Executive Assistant

(510) 535-7189

Arturo Rodrguez

Program Assistant

(510) 535-6943
Carlos  Alarcon

Negotiator/Senior Housing Counselor 

(510) 535-7186

Marisol Parker

Housing Counselor

(510) 535-5023

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